updating web galleries

Since the blitz I had on web work back in the spring I’ve had little time to resume the sorting out of my ‘galleries’ of images. I’ve now made a start…jumping in with paintings of insects (mainly butterflies and dragonflies). A lot of the time it seems like it is one step forward followed by one back with this computer related/internet stuff. My service provider godaddy has acknowledged that there is a problem with their hosting of my site and that they are working on it but with no time frame for fixing it…. pretty poor service after I had thought that they were so much better than the previous people (easily.co.uk) who were in my opinion useless (certainly for getting a wordpress site off the ground).
Meanwhile the ‘plugin’ that I was using for uploading images (nextgen gallery) has been taken over by a company called ‘photocrati’… thought that might make for more problems but so far the service seems great.
The ‘slideshow’ here is of sketches from 2009 that I hadn’t previously uploaded and that I was using to test the system.

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