101‐6290 common-spotted orchid, dandelion, plantain, cranesbill, daisy & rattle garden, bristol wax crayon 28 x 38 cms 

Really springy days now. I’m keeping a close watch on the small patch of grass on the allotment that I’m cultivating as a mini meadow. The yellow rattle popping up all over… leaves still minute… I like the feeling of improving my search image for these early basal leaves.  As yet the community up there is very limited and some of those basal leaves I’m still unsure about but if I keep watching and sketching they’ll reveal their identity.
Butterflies have been so scarce that the sighting of any individual really catches the eye. Today brimstone,  moving quickly through gardens. Peacocks sunning on bare soil and one feeding on dandelion. A single basking small tortoiseshell and comma.
101‐6291 common-spotted orchid, dandelion, plantain garden, bristol permanent marker 21 x 14.5 cms (A5)