sleeping fox

With more fine weather back out to local fields. Nowadays I try to start drawing as soon as anything holds my interest, usually the drawing then heightens the interest. Frequently other things come along once you’re sat drawing. Sense of taking the eyes for a walk. I started out with the crows & sheep again.
crows & sheep bl-007   crows & sheep   mendips   ink pen   A5 sketchbook  
After heavy frost overnight I had full winter gear on in the morning, by mid afternoon it was more like summer on the sunny slopes. Very few flowers yet.. the odd celandine and only a single peacock butterfly.
landscape bl-012   landscape   mendips   wax crayon   29.7 x 42 cms (A3)  
Fieldfares being quite furtive in the woods…a few starlings and redwings in with them. Looked like they were flycatching some of the time, or just lazing in the ash branches. Maybe they’d already fed well in newly ploughed fields above and could afford to rest in the heat.
fieldfares bl-009   fieldfares   mendips   wax crayon    
The highlight of the day was a strange viewing of a fox… first I saw one dashing across one of the sheep fields (I think it was the same young male as on the previous day)…. shortly afterwards 2 dogs came bounding around in the undergrowth on the slope below me…
deer bl-002   roe deer   mendips   ink pen   A6 sketchbook  
No sooner had the dogs gone than I saw 2 roe deer a bit further along the slope. They look in very good condition glaring white rumps and slightly oily looking pelt that has a prussian blue sheen… (I’ve only ever seen that once before and doubted it afterwards but even in the last light it was there this time for sure).
deer bl-015   roe deer  mendips   ink pen   A6 sketchbook  
The deer bounded over a fence and not far into the wood… I looked around for them with the telescope and instead of a deer the telescope was filled with a sleeping fox… a different animal to the running one… again in prime condition… unwilling to move it twitched ears and looked suspiciously in my direction but carried on dozing. Something special to share time with the animal laid out on the woodland floor…. quite different to seeing a fox on the allotments at home.

fox bl-016   fox   mendips   ink pen   A6 sketchbook  
fox bl-001   fox   mendips   ink pen   A6 sketchbook