North Norfolk


Walk out from Salthouse along the inside of the shingle sea wall… brisk cold south-westerly. As far as the Cley-eye carpark. Masses of goldfinches feeding on the exploded yellow horned poppy stalks
An out of place purple sandpiper on a muddy fringe along redshank.
Black and bar-tailed godwits feeding almost alongside each other.
Brent geese all moving east during the morning.
First thing, well before light, the sound of masses of pink footed geese going over calling.
A raft of golden plover forming a tan block in fields.
Gulls & avocets subtle shades of whites and greys… soothing to the eyes. Overhead unusual cloud formations (to western eyes) huge linear formations of grey tapering back to the northern horizon with some kind of altocumulus themes and variations  below.