lake fringe

wet meadow & goldfinch 101‐6458 wet meadow & goldfinch bristol reservoirs ink pen A5 sketchbook 
Wanting to just be out and occupying/observing a different space. Strange how what seems to be the order of the day changes. Recently I was all for permanent marker and investigating the bulks of ducks and herons… today scratching away with ink pen tentatively pondering how to depict bigger space.
Really wanting to be able to describe the sunlit colours on the last day of november. Leaf colours that I would have marked down as being more of October. Field maples seem to be clinging to most of their indian yellow leaves.
meadow fringe & digger 25‐6457 meadow fringe & digger bristol reservoirs ink pen A5 sketchbook 
They’ve been clearing at the edge of the bay, smell of woodsmoke where they’ve burnt the chopped willows. Reeds now pale smoke topped with peppery seed husks. meadow fringe, alder & willow 25‐6456 meadow fringe, alder & willow bristol reservoirs ink pen A5 sketchbook 
Tits and goldcrests in the oak canopy.. rich yellows against a bleached blue sky… a treecreeper dropping and flattening itself against the trunk right next to me. Distant enough to allow telescope focus, legs splayed so that I couldn’t see how it was holding on. It was looking up warily and its whole posture was as if it wanted to disappear. A bird of prey somewhere overhead I guess.
treecreeper & oak 101‐6455 treecreeper & oak bristol reservoirs ink pen A5 sketchbook 
Long tailed tits at the end of the day animating the flecks and fizzes of the leaf colour.
long-tailed tits 101‐6454 long-tailed tits bristol reservoirs ink pen A5 sketchbook