Jack snipe

trip out to local reservoir to keep the bird sketching hand in. I could feel that over the week in Norfolk that my sketching was gradually getting more fluent. Able to better say what I wanted to say.
This Jack snipe in the foreground was mostly hidden amongst the cut reeds, occasionally creeping a short distance and doing its characteristic bobbing… a darker, more woodcockish bird than the common snipe.  A sparrowhawk went along the shoreline at least twice and the dozing snipe looked quite wary the whole time.

Snipe (Gallinago gallinago) amongst cut and fallen reeds. Wary eyes puncture dozing oatmeal forms. Trickle of water through early mint leaves
My eyes tiring from looking for the odd one out (Lymonocryptes minimus) and studying forms down the telescope tube… all from darkened hide. Looking up through the slats at glowing panorama… reeds throb pale gold.
Their scientific names somehow add something to the catalogue of characteristics.