common spotted orchid reappearance

101‐6254 common spotted orchid, basal leaf studies garden, bristol  21 x 14.5 cms (A5) not for sale

Hopeless at keeping up blog at the moment, or even doing much sketching. I have been gradually updating archives of past work (butterflies almost complete) and that deters me adding to the pile.  Until a week ago I was also relief printing but then lost confidence in it….
The scratchings here were of the common spotted orchids that have reappeared on the patch of grass on the allotment that I have started to try to cultivate as a mini meadow. Only 2 spikes as yet. Last autumn I scalped it and sowed yellow rattle. I’ve been up there searching for signs of germination without success until yesterday… and with the discovery of the orchid leaves I looked even closer and found the minute early leaves of what must be the rattle. Very late to get going, like most things after the arctic spring.