At last managing to upload something after long pause.
bees at hive entrance 101‐6338 bees at hive entrance garden, bristol wax crayon 25 x 35 cms 
In the intervening time my partner Susan has become a bee keeper. We’ve had the hive for a couple of weeks now and definitely adds something to the garden/allotment scene.  They are busiest around 3 in the afternoon when the sun is full on the hive entrance. Gradually getting to better understand their anatomy by drawing.
bees on borage 101‐6337 bees on borage garden, bristol wax crayon 25 x 35 cms SOLD
On the allotment the borage plants are thriving on a sunny well drained bank. Succession of gentian blue, hanging flowers with dark violet snouted centres that the bees are busily probing.