Feeding the ducks

Sketching wildfowl being fed at local reservoir. Don’t know why I haven’t done it before. All the effort of locating the subject , done away with and free to concentrate on looking for drawing. Something odd about the birds being so close to their ‘wild’ setting, but here approachable as in the zoo.
When I left to go back to the more optics based drawing something had changed,  more of a sense of 3D. A bit like when I used to ring birds, the bird in the hand was like a different creature than the one that I’d seen through binoculars. In that case you really were feeling the anatomy in a different way.
Good to just try different things… felt like I was breaking some stereotypes … probably just making new ones though.
Numbers of primroses seem more than I’ve ever seen before. Sand Martins skimming the lake, first ones I’ve seen. Swallows too, flying higher.