somerset levels flooding
lapwings & golden plover
After dropping my niece off at her new house in Wells I spent the end of the afternoon at Greylake … knowing that it was mostly under water but thought it might be interesting. . just the tops of bunds above water (often only lines of straw coloured vegetation marking them).. gates and fences and odd trees rising above the flood.

On the grassy higher bunds masses of lapwing and golden plover huddled.. flighty, and at the edges starlings and winter thrushes looking for creatures forced to the margins  or maybe chaff washed up.
My sketches  are cyphers for the 100’s and thousands of birds that were actually on these islets. I reckon around a 1000 golden plover across the marshes… not sure about lapwing. Towards last light the ground became covered with a writhing carpet of starlings, covering what ground there was. Seemed like some last minute, wash & brushup, come snack, come drink before bedtime.  The lapwings like face painted pebbles amongst a sea of chittering starlings.

lapwings & golden plover
lapwings, golden plover & starlings