sahel nr. palmarin

setting up near Baobab where short-toed eagle had been sitting. Lots of crested larks around. The little tarmarisks, crack mud still smelling of tide gone out… little creeping saltmarsh plant, dusty grey and dried mud… brown bark.
A pair of rollers standing sentinel on baobab. Visiting a clean looking hole. A banded reptilian tail emerging from another hole and in a declivity an extended lizard escaping the intense sun. … just finding shade. Near the roller another lizard with only its back visible.(savannah monitor lizard). 2 red-billed and 2 grey hornbills. Harriers coming and going,the usual struggle ot catch the subtleties of their form.
A wheatear perching quite high on the baobab on the same level as the roller.
At one point tawny pipit, whitethroat and roller lined up as if for family photo.