reservoir bay again

Lane packed with fruit, sloes like small plums. Dogwood and haws as dense as I’ve ever seen them. Blackcaps and phylloscopus warblers nipping back and forth. A young bullfinch with drooling beak. Speckled woods the commonest butterfly with the odd small copper.
In the bay I’d come mainly just to enjoy sketching the common species. Heron wading up to its hips.  I missed the catch, just seeing a large dark brown fish disappearing down its throat. It then flapped off to a quiet corner to digest.
More than 20 Moorhens again… mostly gathered in small groups.
Later on a group of lapwings coming in and dispersing round the perimeter. Re-realising that one of the pleasures of drawing birds is trying to depict the way they unpack themselves into radically different forms.Then furling themselves back into a sleek, compact whole. lapwings 101‐6351 lapwings bristol reservoirs permanent marker A5 sketchbook  lapwings 101‐6352 lapwings bristol reservoirs permanent marker A5 sketchbook  moorhen 101‐6353 moorhen bristol reservoirs permanent marker A5 sketchbook  grey heron 101‐6354 grey heron bristol reservoirs permanent marker A5 sketchbook