reservoir bay

grey heron 101‐6349 grey heron bristol reservoirs permanent marker A5 sketchbook 
Late afternoon visit to reservoir. End of summer sense, hardly any butterflies left and only the odd migrant hawker.
Bay with wheedling young, zebra striped great-crested grebe. Water level low, lots of moorhens, at least 25 around the perimeter of this one bay. Lapwings, some hunched along a rocky bank along way from the water.
3 herons distributed widely along the shore and 1 little egret in the shallows.
The reed heads changing from their mauve, dark chocolate to something more worn brown.
Flowering water mint covered with flies and a single small copper.
A tawny owl male calling and finding it very well hidden high in a scots pine.
tawny owl 101‐6350 tawny owl bristol reservoirs permanent marker A5 sketchbook