last nights life drawing

Feeling that I’m getting more information down on my sheets of the kind that would be useful for me to do any follow up work. Always trying to pinpoint the areas where I feel hazy… The sheets end up being a bit cluttered and messy but they are functional.  Beginnings of feeling that I’m looking through the kind of 2D ‘surface’ of the eye type looking to feeling more what is happening on the other side.

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I’d gone into the class hoping to start by writing descriptions of postures but it just seemed too odd. Similarly the idea of doing memory drawing just too much of a leap at the moment.
The first image here was the last of the evening and the mans right arm partly hidden by his head and neck was where I felt I was getting somewhere… anticipating where it would start in the shoulder block and emerge being clasped by the other hand… that meant that I could start and end lines in a different way.

The whole business of being able to break lines at will … feeling them continue in the empty space and then pick them up again seems critical to making the drawing lively.