lake side buddleia

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A bush full of small tortoiseshells, probably 30 or so there. Lots of whites too. Single clouded yellow, painted lady, peacock, comma and a very worn silver-washed fritillary.
Nearby in the scrubby undergrowth blues were flitting around and an egg laying brown argus.
Plenty of dragonflies but surprisingly few darters. I didn’t really check the hawkers to see who was who.
Roe deer in very red summer coats.

185‐6341 hoverflies on mint. bistort & gypsywort  permanent marker A5 sketchbook 

Mint swarming with hoverflies. The odd small copper too… The meadow looked as if it was mowed some time ago so they’ve lost a lot of their feeding territory for this year.

185‐6342 grey heron  permanent marker A5 sketchbook 

In the bay, garganey, a common sandpiper, around 20 lapwings, lots of loafing moulting dabbling ducks.
Heron catching a small roach type fish
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This year has been even worse than usual for keeping up the blog. My father had been ill for quite some time and he died in late July. My brother has been staying with us during his decline which has kept us preoccupied.