Picking up unsold work from Muchelney and visiting Greylake & Swell Wood either side of the pottery. First time I’ve seen the heronry in action.. it was late afternoon, so probably not best for light or activity but there was a strong atmosphere. Big beasts in the wood, primeval noises and the sense that this had been going on for a very long time. All the little birds, tits, nuthatch, woodpecker and dove all dwarved by these seasonal invaders, taking over the roof space. Postures I don’t remember seeing before. Quite hard work to pick out what was going on, looking up high and getting fragments of action through the branches. Birds clambering around breaking off twigs, alighting with crests greased up into trailing quiffs, copulating – a high wire act, somehow carried out in a diligent and respectful manner.

6613 -heronry - ink pen - A5 sketchbook

6613 – heronry – ink pen – A5 sketchbook