out very early for the clear sky… I’ve got keen on trying to improve my sense of where the constellations and planets are… With the sky clear and relatively unpolluted by human lights I thought I’d get out on the marsh and immerse myself… No moon and surpisingly little bird activity… I thought I might have heard the geese go over. Saturn and Mars seen and a fresh batch of data in the brain about how the constellations lay in relation to each other. Something salutary about having the senses so limited and the impersonal bleakness of those incomprehensible distances.
A drive along the coast to wells and then Burnham… masses of people out for airing on such a fine day.
The Brent geese out on the marshes at wells amongst great muted colours…umbers of gone over sea lavender… the sea purslane a very muted dirty rag colour and the more vivid burning straw of spartina.
Later on pinkfeet in their thousands landing just below the brow of low hill… sheltering from the very strong southwesterly… not getting great views but the numbers and their grouping in flight…striations on the sky… skein seems a very good word… like something scraped/scratched onto the sky.A barn owl with legs lowered, hovering, caught in the headlights.