‘On Migration’ An Exhibition by the Society of Wildlife Artists (SWLA)
Lovely exhibition space with diverse SWLA artists showing work on the theme of bird migration.

Waterston House, Aberlady, Scottish Ornithology Club Headquarters
17 FEB – 4 APR 2018
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16th-23rd june – John Busby seabird drawing course. Teaching on the annual course along with Darren Woodhead, Kittie Jones and guest artist Esther Tyson. The course and bursaries are fully allotted for this year but details on how to apply for future years are here.

5 – 7th September – Tryk2 printmaking workshop. I’ll be running a 3 day Monoprint course. 8 places available. Dates to be confirmed.

9th -15th September – Ud i det blå – ‘the great outdoors’ – Field Painting course on Bornholm, with Ben Woodhams and Greg Poole 
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-For a short description or to book a place go to this page

Field Painting course on Bornholm

This course will use drawing as a way of ‘active looking’. Staying with our subject and getting to know it more intimately. Testing our understanding and exploring different means of interpreting what we see and feel. As long as this process is part of an honest investigation of what we are experiencing there can be no such thing as a ‘bad drawing’.